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CarbonC6 : Progetti
carbonc6eyewear l'occhiale usato dai top gun italiani
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In the vast world of sunglasses, we have decided to create different eyewear, lighter, more elastic, but also the most resistant of all. With only 15 grams, the CarbonC6 is the eyewear made entirely in Italy, the historic land of eyewear, using a patented material that makes it indestructible. Available in various lens versions from blue, gradient blue, orange, green, purple, pink, red, black, both chromatic and polarizing photos. CarbonC6 is among other things customizable by inserting logos or brands in the temples and / or laser lenses, making it a unique and unrepeatable fashion and sport object. CarbonC6 Eyewear has a look of the most sought after to enhance your style and your taste that the many possible customizations. This is all a question of character. Ignite your desire to be dynamic and sporty with the ultra-light and indestructible CarbonC6 frames, exclusive and trendy eyewear. It's your time, live your passions with CarbonC6, the new Italian eyewear used in the world of sport and aeronautics, already irreplaceable companion of the Italian beach volleyball champions and athletes of the national bobsleigh.

CarbonC6 : Portfolio
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