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A great Schumacher gives the Nazionale Piloti a nice draw in his last match of this season: at the Pier Cesare Tombolato Stadium in Cittadella (Padua) the team led by Riccardo Patrese and Michael Schumacher drew 2-2 against the Lions team Team. A deserved result after all (the Nazionale Piloti had more opportunities to go on the net especially in the second half) after a very difficult match due to the persistent rain and wind.

The first goal of our drivers comes thanks to a great feat of Michael Schumacher who does not fail in front of goal and sends the ball into the net while the second goal was scored by our player Avanzo. Superb performance by goalkeeper Matteo Munari who has accomplished real feats parrying even the most difficult and dangerous shots. Despite the incessant and annoying rain falling, the numerous spectators were able to witness a great team spirit on the part of our players, which began well before the kick-off of the match: in fact our protagonists went together to the Stadium in on board a minibus creating the ideal climate for those who have to take the field, even if for charity, with the right spirit to win.

The arrival of the drivers on the field was greeted by a lot of applause thanks to a very warm audience and although Michael is no longer a Ferrari driver, he was supported by the spectators, for all the minutes of play, with continuous ovations.

Great enthusiasm also for the Venetian riders: Luca Badoer welcomed by the public of Cittadella like a celebrity, Kristian Ghedina, a historic skier from the Veneto who made all the citizens of this region passionate about skiing specialties and who was the great celebrated of the day given his birthday on November 20.

As all Italians know, the Veneto region has been the victim of an impressive flood in recent weeks: in particular the provinces of Vicenza, Padua and Verona are experiencing particular moments of difficulty and unease. For this reason, the proceeds of the day, which amounted to 40,000 euros, initially destined only for the construction of a hospital in Benin, will now be partly destined also to the Venetian population hit by the natural disaster.

At the end of the game, a big party for both the Nazionale Piloti and the Lions Team: in fact in the press room, in the presence of Ivan Capelli, the beautiful cups created by SartorCoppe ( to both teams. A particular proclamation as the Lions Team and the National Drivers have been able to win a difficult match together: despite the bad weather and field conditions they have managed to offer the public a great show with the ultimate goal of helping those in difficulty. On this occasion, the team is pleased to announce that Sartor Coppe will supply the trophies again next year.

On the return journey inside the bus, there was great enthusiasm among the staff and the drivers for the great response of the public in Cittadella, which took place en masse to watch the match despite the rain and the cold.

The splendid day ended with a traditional dinner in the headquarters of the Nazionale Piloti in Padua at the "Antico Brolo" restaurant in Corso Milano where all our champions were celebrated, who this year participated in the matches with great enthusiasm. and above all the “World Champions 2010 ″. First of all Sebastian Vettel, the youngest champion ever to win a Formula One world championship and then Rapax, the Venetian GP2 team based in Veggiano (Padua), the real ruler of both the drivers' championship with our Pastor Maldonado both of the constructors' championship. For the occasion, two special cups have been created (again thanks to SartorCoppe) that trace the almost thirty-year shape of the Nazionale Piloti logo: the first was delivered by Michael Schumacher to the Sovernigo brothers and to the Managing Director Andrea Bergamini while the second is intended for to the new world champion Sebastian Vettel absent today justified.

With the match in Cittadella the 2010 season of the National Pilots ended. Next year the team will reach an important milestone in their life: 30 years of activity. So many years have already passed since Mario Di Natale managed to transform the then “Club Italia Piloti” (born in 1979) into the current World Pilots Foundation for solidarity Onlus. During this long period it was possible to organize the beauty of almost 200 matches with a large number of victories but above all with the great result of having donated over 15 million euros to charity. All this has been possible thanks to the continuous effort, enthusiasm and commitment of President Mario Di Natale and the many pilots who, despite the many commitments dictated by their activity, have decided to dedicate some of their time to help those most in difficulty. : it is above all, however, thanks to the thousands of people who flock to stadiums all over the world, that every event turns into a moment of aggregation, fun and above all of awareness towards those weak sectors of society.

These are very important moments for the life of the Foundation and which are the right ingredients to be able to score the most important goal and which is none other than the spirit from which the Onlus World Pilots Foundation was born 30 years ago.

On this occasion, the Nazionale Piloti would like to thank the sponsors GrissinBon, Virma, Valsport, Maschio SpA and SartorCoppe for their valuable contribution in the realization of these important events.

The Nazionale Piloti is giving you an appointment for 2011 to celebrate the Foundation's 30th anniversary together.


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