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It is essential that companies establish immediate credibility with potential customers.  Discover the simplest, most flexible and economical way to have a furnished office, a new and welcoming structure for private use.

The ideal location for your business meetings
The completely renovated structure respecting the naturalistic environment that hosts it, is located just 5 minutes from the center of Belluno. Completely built in bio-architecture with the use exclusively of recovered and natural materials, it is however equipped with technologically advanced equipment. The environment inside, which can be modulated on the basis of needs, has been designed to be a professional, prestigious but very welcoming context.

Your temporary office for exclusive use

Our structure can accommodate from 1 to 50 people indoors and up to 100 outdoors in its antique wooden patio located in the private fenced garden,  a highly multi-functional and innovative infrastructure that can also be used for less formal occasions.

Perfect space for private parties and parties

The essentially modular structure on the basis of needs, makes it perfect also for private parties even for children who can play both indoors and outdoors without danger. The whole area is in fact fenced and without potential dangers.

Postal domiciliation service and registered office

We may also receive your correspondence and forward it to you wherever you are. Furthermore, you can use Via Del Boscon 175 - 32100 Belluno, for registration with the Chamber of Commerce and the Revenue Agency of your business as the registered office.

Flexibility is our strength

We can also organize business lunches or dinners with dedicated catering service based on needs.

Come and visit us for a no-obligation tour! Our staff will be happy to show you the structure and the many uses it can give you, we will be happy to offer you a coffee and discuss the best needs for your business.

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