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Original National Drivers N 11 jersey worn by Michael Shumacher in the heart match of Cittadella (VI) on 21.11.2010 with original autograph.

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  • A great Schumacher gives the Nazionale Piloti a nice draw in his last game this season: alloPier Cesare Tombolato StadiumfromCitadel(Padua) in fact the team led byRiccardo Patreseand fromMichael Schumacherdrew for2-2against the team ofLions Team. A deserved result after all (the Nazionale Piloti had more opportunities to go on the net especially in the second half) after a very difficult match due to the persistent rain and wind.

    National Pilots VS Lions Team
    Sunday 21 November 2010, 3.00 pm
    Pier Cesare Tombolato Stadium (Cittadella)
    Final result: 2 - 2
    National Pilots and Lions Team beat the rain and win in solidarity.

    Read all about it here

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