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SAPONESPORTIVO (2050 × 700 px) (2050 × 900 px) (2050 × 700 px) (2050 × 780 px) (190 × 46 c


Bioartech Sport distributor of the SAPONESPORTIVO® sports product at the 14th Edition of Transpelmo 2022 with a stand dedicated to the new innovative product used by athletes of the Bobsleigh National Team, of the Athletics National Team and by many sportsmen of all disciplines.



TRANSPELMO 2022 WILL BE THE ITALIAN FINAL of the Golden Trail National Series by Salomon circuit. Qualifying race for the Golden Trail World Series 2023 circuit and for the 2022 Grand Finale on the island of Madeira. Do not miss the opportunity to run one of the most exciting and iconic races on a national level and to compare yourself with many of the best interpreters of off-road running. The start and finish are in Pècol, in the upper Val di Zoldo. The route of 19.5 km intense and spectacular, is not to be underestimated both for the types of terrain and for the distribution of the differences in height. After the 1st km on fast terrain we will face the first 450m D + of single-track in the woods. Then continue at high altitude on the wide path 742, crossing vast pastures and expanses of mountain pines, alternating gentle descents and gentle climbs up to the Venezia refuge, where the first refreshment point will be equipped. From here begins the demanding climb of the Flaibani path, which with 600m D +, and passing through a first saddle with a short section aided with fixed ropes, leads to a steep and demanding scree and finally to the panoramic Val d'Arcia saddle (m .2475). The second refreshment point (liquid only) will be set up here. The descent takes place on the opposite side. Initially on very technical terrain, it then continues along the long and fast scree below 1000m of the impending North face. Here the downhill specialists can make a difference. More technical sections alternate with the fast descent of path 742 which takes you to the Staulanza pass, where the third refreshment point will be set up. Now, having overcome a short but selective difference in altitude of 100m D +, the final phase of the race begins with the last km downhill through the woods on dirt and grass, which will lead first to Palafavera and then to the arrival of Pècol. Those who do not only aspire to performance, but decide to take an extra look, will be fascinated by the spectacular views that sweep 360 ° over the Dolomite peaks and valleys. The Pelmo, due to its particular shape reminiscent of a gigantic seat, is defined by the locals as the Caregon del Padreterno, the throne of God. Legend has it that God, having completed the creation of the Dolomites, sat exhausted right on the Pelmo to admire his Opera. INFO AND DETAILS


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