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A unique collection, but also the possibility (at lower prices) to have a piece of Formula 1 history on your wrist.

di Francesco Bonfanti GQ 3 novembre 2022

That race in the wet.

Feeling the myth of Formula 1 on your skin, accompanied by the thought that what you wear is closely linked with the legend of Ayrton Senna. From now on you can. The idea came to Giancarlo Medici, owner of Mongrip, who conceived and created a series of special edition bracelets starting from nothing less than a Formula 1 tire. But not just any tire, because for all Formula 1 fans saying Donington 1993 is like opening the doors to one of the most legendary races in the history of motorsport. That race in the wet It was the 1993 European Grand Prix, raced at the Donington Park Circuit, England, on April 11, 1993. Race held in extreme conditions, with violent rain showers and track conditions that changed lap after lap. That was one of the most beautiful races ever run by Ayrton Senna, who has always been a specialist in the wet, who on that occasion exalted himself, unleashing a series of perfect maneuvers and an impeccable handling of his McLaren, so much so that he won with one minute and 23 seconds ahead of Damon Hill, but above all rounding all the others, starting with Alain Prost, third at the finish line, with 14 drivers who did not reach the end of a crazy and surreal grand prix.

The limited edition bracelet

161 to be precise, such as the number of starts of the Brazilian champion in Formula 1: "I had in my collection as a Formula 1 enthusiast a tire used on that occasion and signed by Ayrton himself," explained Giancarlo Medici to GQ.

From Formula 1 to the wrist

Mongrip has a series of exclusive patents covering all tires in the motor industry (the latest collaboration was with Skoda for a 250-piece event linked to the 2022 Monte Carlo Rally).An average of 500 bracelets are obtained from each example, all different depending on the portion of the tire that happens randomly in the processing of each individual piece: "Our bracelets are not simple fashion accessories, but unique details that allow you to share the passion of enthusiastsof Formula 1.In addition to this, we want to keep made in Italy high by aiming more and more to have handcrafted pieces, as a guarantee of the uniqueness of our products ».

The main difficulty consists in obtaining the tires, in a constant search among collectors and stores specialized in memorabilia.It may also happen, however, that they are not always usable, especially if those who own them have kept them for years in the garden using them as planters (and it really happened!).The bracelets are different from each other, what looks like seams are actually pieces of the kevlar of which the tires are made, which are found inside the portion of the tire used:“We wanted to preserve and preserve what appear to be imperfections.We have succeeded in transferring what is the scent of a pure passion into an accessory ».


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